Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sell Things Online

I started selling on ebay in the Fall of 2008.  While I was cleaning out my sons closet on ebay and was selling his old Halloween costumes and other items that we no longer used. One day I was in a recycling center and they had tons of brand new packaged shoelaces that a factory had donated.  I thought to myself  " I wonder if I could sell these on ebay".  I bought a bag full of shoelaces and put them on ebay.  They began selling immediately.  Today I still purchase from the recycling center and  I am also importing shoelaces from China and Hong Kong.  I also purchase some wholesale shoelaces on ebay and from US manufacturers.   Currently, I am selling footwear accessories on  ebay, ecrater, bonanzle, and

Here is a list of places to sell online.

Ecrater (free online store builder) (completely free online store builder)

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